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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 18:28:24 -0700 (PDT) From: Flcl flcl Subject: Rafello the raven son of jack the wolf chapter 8In this chapter everything changes. little Ra is lolicon lesbian all grown up! please send all comments,Criticisms and concerns to Enjoy. Chapter 8: Sara!!!!!!!!Time went by and a lot has happened. Ra finished his 3d loli summer training with Kakashi. He has only learned a fraction of Kakashi's special technique. Rafello has spent each and every one of his weekend breaks at Eli's house, after he would horny loli pics do his gun training with his father. Nikki still did not know where he hot loli hard would go, but she still loli virgins archives followed him and learned of Eli's address. loli xxx tgp bbs Ra has almost caught up to Eli's skill. Eli has 99% accuracy with any gun. Ra only has 90% with his desert Eagle, but his sword skills are quickly developing. loli boys nude When school started, Ra started training with Jimbo. He taught him boxing, street fighting and torture. He quickly mastered Jimbo's teachings and acquired some of his special tools for torture. He went back to Kakashi the next summer then back to Jimbo during school. The loli virgins pass next spring, Rafello Chance graduated from Martin Luther King High School. Now he has to spend all of his time with the mafia and Kakashi.Nikki, after cp pthc loli kiddy all this time, finally crossed into the mafia along with her slightly younger brother Valentine. Nikki is now the mafia's first family doctor. She got a tattoo of a Great dane on he left shoulder. Underneath was the caption "Nikki the Dane" . Valentine got a different tattoo, he got a Lion on his shoulder. It lolicon hentai movie had the caption, loliza tgp "Valentine the Heartbreaker". He was now the driver, but he races underground for fun.Jack had gotten older, but his flame was still lit. He was a model mobster for his age but he went on lesser and lesser loli model nude missions with the Mafia. The Chance Family mafia owned most of the city now. They were the richest people in the city. Ra had convinced his father to give his new boyfriend, Eli, free young hentai lolicon rent. Jack just considered Eli as Ra's best friend as Will and Charlie was to him.Rafello was changed russians loli pussy both mentally loli post bbs forum and physically through his training. lolicon movies videos He has finished training with Jimbo and has learned 80% of Kakashi's technique. Kakashi decides to give him this year loli guestbooks off. He is now a true killer with a thirst for blood. He is kind of bulky now, with a muscular, yet cut body. It is now time for Rafello's first mission. He is 22 years old. The Cubans were temporarily put out of business when they took the shipment of gold and drugs 6 years ago. Now they were out for revenge. It's a beautiful summers day.Jack sits at his big, solid lolits wood desk in his office and sips some brandy from a glass with ice. He puts loli pic japan school the glass down a picks up a cigar. Rafello is sitting on the other side of the desk. He can see out of the lolitta angel video window behind his father. It's the field that he and his dog used to play in."They just keep on fucking with us." Jack said. " Those damn Cubans think they can just destroy MY yacht. My 2 million dollar yacht? They done lost they damn minds. Nobody fucks with me. I'm Jack Chance. Now look here son, I want you to go down to the docks and kill that son of a bitch Danny, and if you can, I want you steal his damn safe. Take anybody you want to help you. Ra this is your first official mission. You got 3 hours."Jack turns around in his chair and looks out of the window. He still loli password has his cigar in his mouth. Ra gets up and leaves his father's office. He decides to call Eli on his cell phone."Hey Eli. I got my first mission!" Ra said."Cool! What ya gotta do?""Just some easy stuff, you know, kill this guy, rob another guy, cripple a few others, basic stuff. I may need your help with one part though. I have to empty out his safe and I don't know if he got a lot or a little in there." Ra said."I'll go. pics loli fuck You know I always got your back. Just come and pick me up. Don't pedo loli thai drive that sorry ass Mini Copper like you did last weekend."Rafello went into his bbs loli message board bedroom and got illegal lolitta his Desert Eagle and his sword. It was in a black, wooden sheath. pedoworld loli The sword was given to him by lolicon mpeg Kakashi when he finally landed a cut across Kakashi's face during a practice. Kakashi had never been hit of his face by a boy Rafello's age.He went over to the garage and looked at his choices. He decided to take his father's new silver BMW 3 series. He drove out of the garage and onto loli sex asia the street towards Eli's luxury, rent free, apartment. He got there and parked in the lot across the street from his building. He got out and went up to the 25th floor. Eli gave him a key, so Ra just opened the door. Eli lolits preteen was doing his hair. That was lolicon incest top one thing Ra envied about Eli, his hair. It was forum loli pic beautiful and straight. Eli was a white guy with very good hair. Ra often tried to imitate Eli's hair by having his afro permed and pressed. Today, Eli had spiky, blue hair.Ra loliat clips came up to him and wrapped his arms around him from behind and kissed Eli on the cheek. Ra moved his hands down to Eli's pants and started to feel on his dick."We got to get going. The car is outside." Rafello said.Ra let got of him. Eli went over to his room and grabbed his guns. He had a silenced pistol and a automatic with lots pedo loli videos of ammo. He put it into a gym bag and they left out and went to the car. Ra drove to the docks which wasn't far away since Eli lived near the water. free lolicon They found a great hiding spot for the car. They sweet loli 13yo got out and simply walked lloliita to Danny's front door of his mansion. hentai lolicon 3d Danny was the leader of the Cubans in Auburn city. Ra and Eli kicked in the door. There was people walking around. They all stopped in their tracks when they saw lolit bikinis them then dove to the other side of the huge room. Ra and Eli pulled out their guns and shot each and every last one of them. All of them shots to the heart. He put up his gun and grabbed the sword. Eli checked his ammo on his pistol.They went down one hall way and up a flight of stairs. Ra cut anyone in his way. Eli shot down anyone he saw. They navigated through the mansion blindly until they reached Danny's office. He was sitting at his desk just as Jack was earlier. There was gunshots being fired lolia mpeg behind them. Eli and Rafello ran in and shut the door. They walked lolitta porn pics up to Danny who sat calmly at his seat. Ra cleaned off his blade with the edge of his shirt. They pthc loli bbs forum looked over and saw the safe next to Danny. It was open because Danny was counting his money. Danny stood up."What the hell are you doing running up in my house? Who the fuc . . ." Ra cut him off in mid sentence with loli index cuties a trust of his 28inch blade to his stomach."I'm Rafello, The Raven, Son of Jack the wolf . . ." Ra said as his slowly twisted the blade in the man's stomach. " Over there is my partner Eli the Kitsune." Ra twisted the blade even more. " See, my father didn't find it funny having his boat blown up. . ." pre loli links he kept on twisting then he quickly took the blade out and Danny's blood sprayed all over the room, while Rafello yelled, "ESPECIALLY SINCE MY COUSIN SARA WAS ON THAT loli porn 14 YACHT"Eli just looked at Rafello. He was covered in blood. He held the sword in his had like a Japanese Samurai. Ra relaxed and put the sword back into the sheath after he wiped it off on Danny's Versace suit."I gotta go clean off. Your welcome to join in with me." Ra said.Eli nodded his head and pulled out his automatic. Ra grabbed his Desert Eagle. Eli went loli teen nude pics over to the teen models lolits open safe and put all the money he could into the lolite model pic gym bag. There was about a million in cash their. They bust through the door and fired a wall of bullets at the crowd of people waiting for them. Every last one of them dropped. They walked around, everyone in the house was dead or wounded. They looked for a bathroom. It was on the 3rd floor next to Danny's room. Ra and Eli took a shower together and changed into one of Danny's Armani suits. They looked rather good together in black suits. Eli 3d lolicon forum even put on a bow illegal loli jp tie.They left out of the house and went back to the car. They finished the mission with an hour to spare. Little did they know, Nikki was following them. She followed then into the mansion as they went to kill Danny. She videotaped Ra and Eli having sex in the shower. She finally had her evidence. Rafello Chance was going down.Rafello arrived home. His father had a meeting loli nude sex of the mafia in the conference room. Ra had already dropped Eli off at home. He sat down next to his father and handed him the bag."Mission complete. Danny is dead, the safe nymph pedo lolitta is empty and a third of his `workforce' is dead.""Good work son. You even have half an hour left. That's what forbidden lolit little I'm talking underage lolitta porn `bout. Now lets all child lolit head down stairs to finish the meeting and Old Ra here can tell us about his first mission."The all went downstairs when Nikki came in the front door. She looked into the conference room and no one was free lolicon flash there. She heard them speaking downstairs so she followed the voices.She got downstairs and saw loli nu them all around the pool table having a drink. Rafello was at the table making a shot when Nikki interrupted him." illegal loli Good! We're having a meeting. This is the perfect time." Nikki said in a sly voice. At pedo lolite this point she lolicon photo tgp know she had won. She finally realized that Rafello was going over to Eli's free download loli flash house every weekend he had off from Kakashi or Jimbo. She realized that Eli was more than Ra's best friend, he was his boyfriend. She was disgusted by puffy pedo loli this. Her own brother, gay, right under her nose. The tapes were more than enough to make Jack turn against Ra and make Nikki the next in line."I have something to tell you about your son, anal sex lolits my Brother." Nikki said putting emphasis on the lolitta modles words `brother' and `son'. Everyone stopped what they were teen titans loli doing. Nikki continued." Little Rafello Chance , next in line when super loli preteen angel father dies, is Gay! He's a Fucking loli child model Faggot!" She yelled. Everyone held their breath and looked a t Ra. This was a serious accusation against anyone. Ra had amateur galleries loli underaged stopped and put the pool stick to his side and looked at Nikki."Yeah I'm gay. petit model loli Prince and Elton John are my role models." Ra said jokingly and started laughing. Everyone else did the same. Nikki stomped all the way to the Plasma screen t.v. on the other side of the room pedo porn little loli and pulled out the tape."You all laugh now, but I got proof!" She said holding loli rape the tape in her hand. Ra stopped laughing immediately and focused on the tape. "She's bluffing. That's probably some old tape from the garage." Ra thought to himself. But if it was real, Ra couldn't stop her. free loli bikini pics She was too far away and there was a crowd of people around him so he couldn't get kinder loli sex incest there in time if he wanted to.She put the tape in. It showed her in her Honda Prelude, driving down the street pre loli sex following he BMW Ra was nn loli board driving. She followed them to the house and put the camera in the window. Blood was everywhere. You could hear the bullets flying and Ra's sword slicing through bone. Everyone was amazed by Ra's intensity. The camera went into the house, then to a closed door. Nikki sat the camera down as she shot at anyone who followed her. She then picked up the camera. Everyone heard Ra's voice as he said, "ESPECIALLY SINCE MY COUSIN SARA WAS ON THAT YACHT". The camera then left loli toplist dark and went over into a closet as Ra and Eli stepped out of Danny's office.Ra broke his way through the crowd and got over to where Nikki was. He stopped the tape just in time before he invites Eli lolitta nude picture to shower with him. Ra stops and thinks. "I think it would be better if I told them instead of them seeing it on tape." He takes loli thumbnails free pics lolicon a deep breath."Well. To be hones, everyone. I am gay. I even have a boyfriend for about 4 years now. You all know him. Its Eli, Eli Coleman."Everyone is quiet. Jack spits out his drink onto the floor."What the Fuck! You porno lolits 18 fucking crazy? Oh my God!" Jack says teeny tiny porn loli in disbelief. Nikki continues the tape. Ra says his line and the camera follows them to the bathroom."Are you fucking serious? Is this the same Rafello who we just took to Club Cheetah last weekend? Man, we even got you two lap danses by the fines bitches in there. All hell naw, man. You gotta be fucking kidding me." Vinnie said with disgust and put down his drink. Vinnie took one more look at Ra and held his head down in shame. Vinnie, Jack, Benny, Albert, Jimbo, Will, and Charlie would take Ra out to night clubs with them when they knew Marlette wouldn't know. They would take him on like a guys night out. They would all drink, smoke and lolicon forum guestbook drive around the city looking for hot ladies in night clubs. They treated him as a member of the Mafia. They were close. Ra's news devastated them. Ra stood there looking out into the crowd of loli gallery samples people, hoping to see one face of approval, but he found non, except for his sister's smiling face. She was grinning ear to ear. This was better than Christmas to her. She wishes she could have recorded their reactions.Jack has a tear in his eye."Where did I go wrong? WHERE DID I GO WRONG WITH YOU SON?" Jack yells in a fit of anger. Jack reaches into his suit pocket. He pulls out his chrome Desert Eagle and points it at scared, little, Rafello. No one is shocked by his reaction except for Jackie and Valentine."Come on dad, just calm down!" Valentine said."Now put, the gun, down." 16 year old Jackie says."Why should I? Huh? I raised a fucking Homo who didn't even have the guts to come to me for help with his damn problem. I thought we were close Ra. We talked about everything. Man. Just lolits fuck movies get out of my face. Just pack your bags and get the hell on Rafello." Jack said with a tear in his eye. No one has every really seen Jack almost cry since Sara's funeral last week. She was driving the boat when Danny and his people blew it up. Danny told Jack to pay the ransom after he killed her. He told him that she was alive. Ra paid the man and Danny showed him the tape of his favorite yacht being blown free loli forums up with Sara in it. It tore jack up inside to see it happen. Danny had to die. Sara's funeral lolicon pedo clips took place on a Friday. Everyone was there. Everyone, no matter how manly, how strong, how hardened to pain, cried. Ra's first serious mission was to avenge the death of his cousin. Before then, he only went on small tax collecting runs loli thai porn and minor protection.Ra looked at his father. Jack's dark brown eyes wouldn't look back at his. Ra then looked at Jackie, his little sister. She was all grown up. Even though it hurt loli portasl her to hear that her male role model was gay, she still showed him reassurance. It was in her eyes. Ra ran out of the loli kid sex room. A few of the people he passed even threw their drinks in his face. Jackie and Valentine followed him out. Ra went up to his room to pack. There is a knock at the door. He opens it up."You ok?" Valentine asks."I'm fine, well, as model loli fine as a guy who was free loli thumbnails just disowned by loli pedo nymphet his father." Ra said, expecting a laugh. He got none."Don't worry big bro. It'll all be ok, just give dad some time. He will one day accept you for loli toplist cp kds who you are." Jackie says."Are you really gay?" Valentine asked with wonder.". . . Yeah, your little brother is gay. I have to pack. I'll come back one of these days." Ra said in a doomed tone. There is another knock at the door. It's his mother, Marlette."Son, you alright?""I'll be ok." Ra says with his lolicon real movies back turned to her. forum nude loli He then turns around after he hears its his mother. The person who might protect him and stand by turk loli porno his side." Look here son, it took a lot of courage to say what you just said down stairs. Now see, me myself, I don't like gay people. They nasty. That's why I'm sad to say I agree with your father on this one." Marlette says. Its quiet in the room. Marlette continues. " Maybe you could stay with your boyfriend Eli." She says with a cringe. "You got to get the hell out of this house with that being gay nonsense. That goes for any of you." She kds loli post message says with a tear in young nude lolitras her eye. She leaves the room and slams the door behind her."Look, I'll call some time or write or send and email or something." Ra says as he closes his cute loli pussy suitcase and heads for the door. His car keys is in his hand. He stops at the free loli nude crack door. Both Jackie and Valentine stares at him."Don't forget I love you, I'm still hentai lolicon sample download your brother." Ra finally says. He leaves the room. Jack and Valentine are still there in his room, which is still filled with his stuff. Ra leaves out of the house, leaving his old life behind him.
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